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Aluminium engineering

Packaging and distribution
In summary, the process engineering which has been established in Alcati allows the technical realization of the ideas put forward by the customers.

Based on a phase of conceptualization put forward by the customer, occur different phases that make up the technical development of the process, profile pre-desing, drawing in AUTOCAD localization of technical limitations, the level of profile desing, conformity of the customer, redesign if necessary, according to the flat end of the profile, manufacture of the matrix, first testing matrix adjustment, technical control of the testing and final commissioning. All phases are developed in collaboration with the client, for a better solution for your needs and adaptation to its initial concept.

On Department of Engineering, in the same way, explores industrial processes, looking for improvements and cost reduction, minimization of occupational risks, improvement in the movement of materials, and other aspects affecting the efficiency of the system and ifinal product.

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