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Extruded aluminium

Packaging and distribution
This process consists in passing a mass of aluminium (alloy 6063) cylindric shape, commonly known as billet, in which the major component is aluminum, semi-solid because of preheating and the pressure exerted on it by a press plunger, through a useful of hardened steel (matrix) that has been practiced a casting similar to the section of the profile we want. The billet aluminum is pressed by the plunger of the press (large size machine extrusion is performed) and at the same time profile, still with a very low consistency due to the high temperature of the mass, is assisted in its exit by pulling a cart that glides on Rails of great length (50 mt. approx). The profile this way obtained does not present a rectilinear geometry or uniform length in your section, as a result of the deformation produced by the own weight of the same, and their low consistency out of the Matrix result of its high temperature. To achieve its final shape has to be moved to a second phase.

When the profile is already cold it is fastened at both sides and undergoes an instant traction force along its entire length (stretched), which gives it its final shape.

Profile bars thus obtained (approximately 50 mt in length ) are now cut in a circular saw to the extent required by the customer.

Cool down
Now we have profiles with the shape and length required, but its hardness is very low. So they are useful for applications commonly required in our industry should be subjected to a process of cooling down, consistent heating and cooling (in a special furnace cooling ) at a temperature and for a period of time. For profiles used in the manufacture of aluminum frames used cooling is the so-called T-5 which gives them the proper hardness. There are several ways in which profiles can be arranged for transfer:

  • In cardboard boxes. The most common size is 30 x 15 cm.
  • In containers. There are different types. They have the advantage that the profile does not suffer possible dents produced on the profile when the cardboard boxes with lift, and during transport. They also facilitate the task of loading and unloading.
  • In precincts of wood for export.

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