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Lacquered aluminium

Packaging and distribution

Lacquered powder.
Also known as thermolacquering, due that fixing the layer of polyester by application of heat. This type of lacquering is currently the treatment most frequently used to give protection and colorful aluminum surfaces. Alcati has two lacquering powder plants: a vertical one and an horizontal one.

During manufacturing process, extruded profiles in the press are subjected in lacquered plant to a process that basically consists of four phases:

• Cleaning, degreasing and pickling
The profiles are hung vertically from one end (vertical plant) or supported on both ends (horizontal floor) on a few items suitable for this purpose that are displaced throughout the process by a moving chain of closed circuit. In this phase are sprayed on profiles with sprinklers liquid chemical components that manage to remove all traces of dirt, grease, shavings and dust, that profile can be impregnated in the plant of extrusion or while storage.
Pickling is carried out in an acid place and has to get an attack rate of at least 1 gr. / m2.

• Chrome plating
When the profiles are cleaned, some sprinklers are responsible for providing an initial surface treatment, usually based on chrome, which aims to give additional protection to the surface and make the adhesion of polyester.
Chroming is the most commonly way used, but it can be replaced by a treatment of anodizing of between 3 and 8 microns.

• Painting
This is done with powder polyester resin designed by nozzles directly on the surface to be treated, communicating their adherence to the profile by a static electricity charge.

• Polymerized
Polyester powder-coated profiles are ( hanged up on a chain closed circuit) inside an oven in which are subjected to a heating process up to a temperature of 220 ° C, what gets the fusion of polyester (polymerized) and his final adhesion to the surface. Once that the profiles are cool, the process is finished.

ral Colors
The different colors and tones of lacquering are standardized and are collected in the so-called RAL chart.
The most widely used color is RAL 9010 (white). This finish is made by lacquered plants daily and is the most important part of its production.
Each lacquering powder plant draws up a list of standard colours, which includes most used, and finishes that has a price and delivery common to all of them. These tend to be painted once a week, starting with the color lighter and making a progression to black, in order to avoid possible pollution in the process of painting by remains of the perceptible previous finish polyester visually.
In addition to the standard colours, there is a range of finishes wide, capable of being used, with the only difference from these that the prices and delivery times vary depending on the desired tone.
Practically all the lacquers used years ago they set brightness. Now there is a tendency to choose the lacquered dull or matt.
Wooden - finished
The lacquered profiles in non-uniform colors, a different color-streaked, trying to imitate the superficial appearance of wood, is gaining more market every day. It is what is commonly known as "wood lacquered ". A normal coat of lacquer is applied to profile and is subsequently made the transfer of an image on the painted surface.

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