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Mission of Alcati

A consistent growing in the national and international markets of aluminium extrusion and surface treatment. A constant innovation, perfectly organized, giving to our customers an excellent service and attention, allowing to our employees the possibility of taking part of the project.


  • We work with quality, according to established procedures.
  • We provide continuous, accurate, clear and objective information to our customers.
  • We are in tune with what we think and we do, always acting with a common sense.
  • We take quick decisions and we act with speed and dynamism.
  • We focus quickly the solution to any problem, by proposing realistic and available alternatives.
  • We adapt quickly to changes of professional sectors.
  • We listen carefully to our internal and external customers to know exactly their needs and propose appropriate solutions.
  • We “have the eyes and ears” of the client in any operation that we develop, constantly asking us for their satisfaction.
  • We listen actively, with open-mindedness and respect the opinion of all the parties involved in a situation.
  • We actively seek chances to improve products and services and create new business opportunities.
  • We take the opportunities and problems to provide innovative solutions.
  • We constantly update our technological expertise to be pioneers in innovation.
  • We know the needs and expectations of our clients to develop and implement solutions that will increase their satisfaction.
  • We attend our clients in an efficient manner keeping agile and resolute behavior that enhances the credibility and reputation of the company and their professionals.
  • We serve customers with the highest interest and strive to interpret their demands, this being the priority feature of the attitude of all our professionals.
  • We know how to work in multidisciplinary teams, from different units, companies and countries generating a climate of trust and mutual respect.
  • We cooperate with the rest of the Organization assuming commitments aimed at achieving common objectives.
  • We direct our efforts towards a same result, taking into account the contribution of each of the members by small appearing.
  • We work under the quality focus and following established procedures.
  • We operate in the truest sense of professional ethics.
  • We act with responsibility, discipline and efficiency.
  • We provide continuous, accurate, clear and objective information.
  • We provide access to the information needed to develop the work assigned, maintaining an accessible attitude towards others.
  • We are consistent between our thoughts and our actions, acting with common sense.
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